Recovery Services

Moving a damaged aircraft is not an easy process. We have recovered hundreds of aircraft over the years and each one requires specific knowledge, equipment, and care. No one wants to see their aircraft destroyed in an accident but it is in everyones best interest to minimize the damage after an accident. We do our very best to preserve as much value as possible for all parties because we understand anything we can do to preserve value helps not only the insurance companies but has a huge impact on the ongoing cost of insurance for the rest of us.

If you need your aircraft recovered or moved for any reason, we can handle it!

Piper Cherokee PA28-140 Recovery

Although the aircraft was a total loss, the two passengers survived this accident. We had to unthread the plane from the trees, but we were able to do so with minimal impact. This type of recovery is typical for us in the … Read More

PropJet PA46 Recovery and Inspection

This Piper Prop-jet was recovered from a local river, after forced ditching. We organized divers and recovery barge to find and remove the entire aircraft before transport to our secure facility. This aircraft has been kept in our secure hangar for several … Read More