Many of the aircraft we purchase have little or no damage at all. Our vast inventory of parts gives us the unique ability to return many aircraft to safe flight conditions and then offer these aircraft at a fantastic value. We only have time to restore a few of these aircraft per year so many others we offer as excellent projects. If you have time and ability to restore or do some minor repairs, let us know what you are looking for?

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North American T6 Texan – Harvard Inventory

Updated Inventory: T-6 Inventory to Include Wing Center Section, Fairings, Baggage Doors, L/G Doors, Pitot Tubes, Oil Cooler Mount, Engine Mount w/Oil Tank, Brake Valves, Master Cylinders, Various Actuators, Tail Wheel Forks, Brake Assys., Trim Wheels, Control Rods, Steps, Flap Handles, Bellcranks, … Read More

1998 Cessna 172R For Sale

Year 1998

Serial # 17280391

Registration # N172TQ

Total Time 9326.9

Sale Price $125,000

Cessna 172R completely stripped and painted base white, new interior, and fresh annual. Aircraft was inside hangar that caught fire only damage was stained exterior and interior from smoke. All windows and exterior plastic had to be replaced. Should be out of … Read More

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1979 Cessna 185F Skywagon

Year 1979

Serial # 18503701

Registration # N78DE

Total Time 3629.1

Sale Price $168,500

Airframe “O” since rebuild This aircraft has been under restoration for many years, and I am finally bringing it over the finish line. Annual is just about complete and ready for flight testing. I plan on completing as VFR with some upgrades … Read More

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Lancair Legacy Kit For Sale Serial #345

Year 2019

Serial # 345

Registration # NA

Total Time O

Sale Price $112,500

During my tenure as President of Lancair International, I spent many hours flying the company’s first Legacy prototype. While it was quite rough to look at, and had seen through many mishaps over the years, it was a phenomenal aircraft for fast … Read More

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Brand New 2019 Evolution 850 Turbine

Year 2019

Serial # 88

Registration # NA

Total Time 12 Hours!

Sale Price Accepting Offers

This is no joke! This owner recently passed away just as his dream aircraft was in the final stages of being completed. The estate is not interested in completing the aircraft even though it had completed 12 flight hours of the 40 … Read More

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Cessna 185F – Project

Year 1977

Serial # 18503217

Registration # N93311

Total Time 9178

Sale Price $95,000 as is

Airframe This aircraft was involved in a ground loop accident. The entire tail section has been replaced. The wings are rebuilt, as well as the horizontal. Great project to complete or put a deposit down and we will complete to buyers specifications. … Read More

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1977 Cessna 182Q – Project

Year 1977

Serial # 18266027

Registration # N759JH

Total Time 5412

Sale Price TBD

This very clean C182Q was in for complete restoration, wings removed and painted when firewall damage caused owner to throw in towel. We had firewall repaired and aircraft is presently being reassembled. Airframe Great condition, wings painted and ready for assembly. Engine … Read More

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Cessna T337-C Skymaster – Project

Year 1967

Registration # N2462S

Total Time 3688

Sale Price $38,000 as is

This aircraft was purchased and flown to Deer Park a few years ago. Needs annual completed at this time with no damage noted to date. We have removed the interior and started the inspection process. Major items stated so far, are leaking … Read More

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Cessna 182J – Parting Out

Year 1966

Serial # 18257474

Registration # N3474F

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We just purchased this Cessna for salvage. It landed in a deep field of snow breaking off the nose gear. It has been well maintained on 135 certificate, with a lot of great parts. The wings are in excellent condition, with HORTON … Read More

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Beechcraft F35 Bonanza – Project

Year 1955

Serial # D-4365

Registration # N5082B

Total Time 7105

Sale Price $24,500 Complete

I am on the fence with this one. It’s a pretty clean aircraft, but there are a few small problems. The nose cowl has some damage that should be replaced or repaired by someone better than me. The LH rudder-vader has crack … Read More