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We are excited to finish this search engine to our expanding database. We have just started adding parts to our database so if you don’t find a part number you are looking for please send us a general request as we have thousands of parts that are still installed on our large inventory of salvaged aircraft. You can search for by partial numbers or descriptions so if you can’t find an exact match don’t give up.

Part Number: Alternate Part Number: Description: Condition: Quantity: Unit Price: Image:
NS 0 $0.00

Catch -Door

NS 0 $0.00

Fuel Selector Light

Used 1 $0.00 Fuel Selector Light
NS 1 $0.00


AR 2 $0.00

Pioneer Venturi Tube

NS 0 $0.00


NS 6 $30.00 C441 Seat Part

PA-18 Shoulder Harness Cable Replacement

AR 1 $0.00 PA-18 Shoulder Harness Cable Replacement
0 $0.00


NS 1 $0.00 Flex-Hose

Isolators for Bendix Mags

NS 4 $0.00 Isolators for Bendix Mags

Oil Cooler

OH 0 $0.00

Connect Rod Bulk

NS 6 $0.00
NS 0 $0.00

Tube Elbow Left

NS 1 $0.00

Angle of Attack

AR 1 $0.00

Cluster Gauges

AR 1 $0.00

Inspection cover

AR 8 $0.00 Inspection Cover

Starter Removed from N5265B

AR 1 $0.00 Starter

3 1/8 inch EGT/CHT Gauge

NS 1 $145.00 EGT/CHT Gauge

Scott Oil Temp Gauge

AR 1 $50.00 Oil Temp Gauge

Chief Oil Temp Gauge

AR 2 $0.00 Oil Temp Gauge

Carb Temp Gauge. Richter Aero Equipt

AR 1 $0.00 Carb Temp Gauge

Mooney M-20 Starter 5w

AR 1 $0.00 Mooney M-20 Starter

Motorola VOR-LOC Converter Indicator. Input VDC 14

AR 1 $0.00 Motorola VOR-LOC Converter Indicator

MGL Avionic’s Stratomaster Xtreme EMS Engine Monitor (4.3 Inch). The XTreme-EMS is a compact universal engine monitor. The XTreme-EMS, which fits a standard 3-1/8” instrument panel hole, contains all the necessary functionality to replace several engine monitoring instruments.
All information is displayed in an easy to read format on a high resolution wide viewing angle 4.3” 1000cd/m2 sunlight readable color display.
All engine sensors are connected to a RDAC (Remote data acquisition unit) which is normally mounted behind the firewall of the aircraft and then just a simple CAN communication link is necessary to connect the XTreme-EMS to the RDAC.

AR 1 $550.00 Universal Engine Monitor (4.3 Inch)

MGL Seervo


Gas cap for a Piper Malibu

AR 1 $0.00 Piper Malibu Gas Cap

Electric Clock,  in working condition. 24 VDC.

AR 1 $0.00 Electric Clock

Bracket Brake

AR 1 $50.00 Bracket Brake

Outlet – Inlet Rotation

AR 0 $0.00

LH Pilot Side Door, with bubble window and outside handle. Glass need minor repair for scratches.

AR 1 $2,500.00 LH Pilot Side Door

Anderson Power Recepticle

AR 1 $100.00 Anderson Power Recepticle

Gyro Locking Mechanism

AR 1 $0.00 Gyro Locking Mechanism

Piper PA28-180C Checklist. 6 pages total (double sided)

Previously Owned 1 $0.00 Piper PA28-180C Checklist

Bracket – Sensor board ?

NS 0 $0.00 Bracket

Accumulator Unfeathering  Prop LH & RH available. Removed for bench test. Removed from VT-DTU

AR 2 $2,300.00 Accumulator

Yoke Sprocket RH

AR 1 $0.00 Yoke Sprocket Rh

Mixture Monitor 1000

AR 1 $75.00 Mixture Monitor

Door Access Battery Jumper, Spring Tight.

SV 1 $175.00 Door
0823004-2 823009-1


NS 0 $195.00 Cover

Cylinder Temp

AR 1 $0.00 Cylinder Temp

Arm Fuel strainer Assy

NS 2 $50.00 Arm
35-410321 35-410321-1; 35-410321-7


NS 1 $450.00 Latch


NS 2 $125.00 Spring

Bracket Fire Extinguisher

NS 0 $0.00 Bracket Fire Extinguisher

Vintage Parker Engine Primer, as used in so many WWII era Single Engine Fighter, Bomber and Trainer Aircraft. Including B-17! Seals are good and the wobble pump moves nicely.  Sold as removed.

AR 1 $550.00 Vintage Parker Engine Primer
8DJ13-ABK27 4381

Tachometer Indicator

AR 2 $0.00 Tachometer Indicator


NS 2 $350.00  Mushroom
AB-400623 10-353056


NE Cert 5 $20.00 Bearing
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