1977 Cessna 182Q – Complete restoration!

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Year 1977

Serial # 18266027

Registration # N759JH

Total Time 5412

Sale Price $139,500

Request Information

1977 Cessna 182Q – Complete restoration!

Kevin Eldredge

This will be the first Dynon Skyview Certified 182 completed with new paint, leather interior, and completely rebuilt Dynon/Garmin panel, and now freshly overhauled Continental O-470.


Aircraft was well cared for many years by the previous owner. We bought the aircraft while complete disassembled undoing complete restoration after a bracket behind the firewall was found to need replacement. We replaced the bracket and continued this thorough restoration.


A completely overhauled Continental O-470-U engine on order from Signature Engines to be installed in December 2020 included. All accessories to be overhauled, new alternator. Prop Specs

C2A34C204-C    June 2016,  20 hours since overhaul.

Modifications / Conversions


Fuselage paint is above average, wings were stripped and painted white.

Avionics – Dynon Skyview

SV-HDX800/A 7″ Skyview display, SV-MAP-270, ADAHRS-200/A, SV-MAG-236, SV-Com, SV-GPS-2020, SV-BAT-320, EFIS-D10A (w/backup battery pack), SV-XPNDR-261, SV-KNOB-Panel, Remote USB PORT, SV-ADSB-472 Dual Bank ADS-B Traffic and Weather, SV-ADSB-470/472 Receiver, UAT Antenna, SV-EMS-220/A Engine Monitoring, ALL possible engine monitoring probes, sensors, and network devices. Garmin 175 GPS Navigator.

Dynon estimates autopilot to be completed before the end of 2020, estimated price to install $3500-4000


Light tan leather throughout, new carpet, and plastic painted panels to match the leather.