North American T6 Texan – Harvard Inventory

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North American T6 Texan – Harvard Inventory

Kevin Eldredge

Updated Inventory:

T-6 Inventory to Include Wing Center Section, Fairings, Baggage Doors, L/G Doors, Pitot Tubes, Oil Cooler Mount, Engine Mount w/Oil Tank, Brake Valves, Master Cylinders, Various Actuators, Tail Wheel Forks, Brake Assys., Trim Wheels, Control Rods, Steps, Flap Handles, Bellcranks, Levers, Control Stick Mounts, Wobble Pump, Inertia Reels, Brackets, Tail Wheel Lock Mechanism, Control Surface Fittings, Fuel Tank Sumps, Trim/Fuel Selector Column, Side Panels, Flaps, Dish Pan, Wing/Fuselage Fairings, Rear Windscreens, Elevators, Center Section Panels, Tail Wheel Assys., Cowling, Wheels, Horizontal Stabilizers, (50+) Pieces of Canopy Sections, T-6 Rudder, R/H Wing, Fuselage w/Some Parts & Tail Wheel Assy, P&W 1340 Cylinders, Push Rods, Baffling, Pistons, Mag Harness Etc.

Harvard Crash Damaged Fuselage & Wings (Still has a lot of components)

P&W R-1340-A1A Engine (Crash Damaged)
P&W R-1340-AN1 Engine w/Approx. 1,450 Hrs. S.M.O.H. (Missing 2 Cylinders)